Your very own piece of history…

You can now own an authentic, iconic piece of Körner’s Folly! The Körner’s Folly foundation salvaged 133-year-old bricks from the 2012 porch restoration, and they are now available for purchase in the gift shop and online.

The bricks were handmade on the property using red, North Carolina clay when the house was built around 1880.  One of the brick molds is on display in the house museum, and provides a glimpse into how these bricks were made. The process used single brick molds, which means that each brick was stamped out individually. The molded sand-clay mixture was then dried and fired in a process that usually took about ten days. In total, making the bricks to build the 6,000 square foot house likely took several workers thousands of hours to complete.

There are at least eight different brick sizes and each one seems to be as unique at Körner’s Folly is itself.  Each brick comes with a commemorative plaque, authenticating its historical significance.  These historic bricks are being used to “rebuild” Körner’s Folly; money raised from their sale goes towards our restoration campaign to replace the Folly’s aging roof.  The bricks are being sold for $50 and $47 of each sale goes directly towards restoration.  Show your support Körner’s Folly and pick up your historic brick today!

If you would like to own your own piece of local history and help Körner’s Folly raise a new roof, bricks are available for sale in the Körner’s Folly gift shop and online here.