A Docent’s Reflections on Guided Tours

From the desk of a docent…

I’ve loved Körner’s Folly since my first guided tour 14 years ago. I started collecting antiques in 1st grade, and on Saturdays my dad started taking me to historical house museums to learn about antiques and local history. We went to several houses like Chinqua Penn, Mendenhall Plantation, and the Greensboro Historical Museum, but Körner’s Folly was always my favorite.

I still remember my first guided tour in 2000. I remember the intriguing drop in temperature as our guide led us into the Folly’s cellar. I also remember being awe-inspired as the guide corralled us in the theater —so awe-inspired that I later convinced my dad to build a stage in our house’s attic!

Today, I’m a tour guide at Körner’s Folly.  Like the guide I had 14 years ago, I get to inspire and intrigue tour groups as we explore 22 remarkable rooms. I now share my enthusiasm for history, art, and architecture with visitors from around the world.

If you’ve never taken a guided tour of Körner’s Folly, it’s definitely a worthwhile experience. Guided tours allow visitors to interact with the house’s history, ask questions, and discover some hidden secrets not mentioned on the storyboards.

Lastly, if you want to spread your own enthusiasm for history, art, and architecture, consider joining our team of docents. Tour guides are taught the history of Körner’s Folly, its family, and Victorian culture. It’s also a great way to connect with other history enthusiasts!

Please let me be your guide this summer!

-Eric Surber, docent


For more information on private guided tours, visit our group tour page. Guided tours are available by appointment for groups of 10 or more Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays from January to October. Book your guided tour today!

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer tour guide, please fill out our form.

Docent Eric Surber leading a tour in Cupid's Park Theater