October is Community Month at Körner’s Folly

In appreciation of the overwhelming support the Körner’s Folly Foundation has received this past year, the Foundation is designating October as Community Month!  For the month of October, Kernersville residents will receive half price admission to explore the 22 room house museum during public tour hours.  This one-time event is an opportunity for Kernersville residents to tour their town landmark for a fraction of the cost.  Dale Pennington, Executive Director of Körner’s Folly, says “We always hear from people who have lived in Kernersville their entire lives and never toured the Folly, which is such a shame.  This is a national treasure, right in their own backyards. The community has given so generously to the Folly this year, that this is the Folly’s way of giving back to Kernersville.”

Discounted tickets will be sold to Kernersville residents during our public tour hours: Thursday-Saturday 10am-4pm, and Sunday 1pm-4pm.  Kernersville residents will need to present a valid driver’s license for proof residency.  Please note that Körner’s Folly will be closed on October 6th due to the Kernersville Little Theatre’s production of The Last Romance.

Körner’s Folly is thankful for the outpouring support for the Operation Restoration Challenge.  Issued in August 2011, the challenge represents the Foundation and the community’s efforts to proactively preserve Körner’s Folly.  An anonymous donor offered to give the Körner’s Folly Foundation $100,000 towards the restoration of the house, and descendents of the Körner family offered $50,000 in addition, making a combined total of $150,000 specifically for the structural restoration of the house.  They realized structural stability is essential in keeping this Kernersville landmark in operation and preserved for succeeding generations. But there is a catch.  In order to receive $150,000, the Körner’s Folly Foundation must match the donations.  In other words, we must raise $150,000 by December 2013.

To date, we have received $120,000.00 of the $150,000.00 needed to complete the challenge.  Without support from the Kernersville community, we would not have come this far.  With three months remaining, the Foundation is confident it will raise the remaining $20,000.00. We hope that this “thank you” in the form of discounted admission will encourage residents to visit the local landmark and see their dollars at work.  So much work has been done at Körner’s Folly over the past several years, people can come to see the restoration progress.  Körner’s Folly is truly like no other home in the world.  Its charms and enchantments inspire wonder and deserve to be shared with generations to come.

Want to help Körner’s Folly reach our fundraising goal? Donate today!