Fanciful Coloring


Here are popular Victorian-inspired coloring projects.  Click on the links below printable pdfs. You can show off your finished projects on social media using #CraftingWithTheKorners!

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Korner’s Folly is known for its distinctive architecture and design. If you were to decorate the Folly, what colors would you choose?  Not just for kids – everyone can enjoy creating their own interior designs! Victorian color schemes tended to be jewel-toned, dramatic, and extravagant, but you can take artistic license with our downloadable templates. We recommend colored pencils, but any medium will do! Use your imagination to create your own design by using the links below:

Foyer Coloring Page
Kitchen Coloring Page
Playroom Coloring Page
Korner’s Folly House Coloring Page










Paper Dolls date back to at least A.D. 900, described in a Japanese ceremony that involved a paper figure and folded paper kimono which were put to sea in a boat. In the 1840’s, boxed paper doll sets were produced in Europe and exported to America for lucky children. These sets featured likenesses of European royalty, including Queen Victoria and renowned ballerina Marie Taglioni. Creating and playing with paper dolls helps children practice manual dexterity, as well as learn about history, fashion and art. You can make your own Victorian-era Paper Dolls using the link below:
Paper Dolls Craft

Cupid’s Park Theatre, on the 3rd floor of Korner’s Folly, is thought to be the first private little theater in America. It has been home to countless productions by the Korner family, Polly Alice Korner’s Juvenile Lyceum, and other community organizations. Today, The Korner’s Folly Family Revue, a puppet show for families and children, is presented on the 4th Saturday of each month. The puppet show features the story of Korner’s Folly and the people who lived here. You can make your own puppets and create your own puppet show using the links below:
Stick Puppet Figures

Stick Puppet Figure Instructions