Completed ‘Restoration Challenge’ Leads to Challenge II

The Körner’s Folly Foundation has 150,000 reasons to celebrate!  This week, the Board of Directors announced they have successfully raised the $150,000 needed to complete the “Challenge Restoration” campaign.  The challenge, issued in August 2012, sprung into action when an anonymous donor stepped forward and offered 150,000—but only if the Foundation could match that amount by December 2013.

Now, ahead of schedule, the Foundation is looking forward to replacing the Folly’s 1950’s, leaking, roof in the Spring of 2014.  Körner’s Folly Executive Director, Dale Pennington, said she was thrilled the Foundation was able to meet this goal.  “We all thought it would come down to the wire, and would have never anticipated completing the goal early.”  So what’s next on the horizon for Körner’s Folly?  The Foundation’s eventual goal is the interior restoration of the house, so now they will continue to work on structurally stabilizing it and eradicating moisture issues before interior restoration can begin.

The home’s six chimneys are actively causing moisture-related damage and are a major point of weakness from a structural standpoint. “While the roof is being restored, it is logical and more cost effective to restore the damaged chimneys at the same time,” says Pennington.  “Repairing the chimneys at a later date could cause falling debris, potentially damaging the new roof.  It makes far more sense to repair both at the same time, if we can come up with the funding,” Pennington continues.  Although there are fifteen fireplaces inside Körner’s Folly, there are only six chimneys, each connected by flues within the walls and fireplaces of Jule’s home.  Jule Körner built this intricate flu system, which allowed the roof to appear less cluttered with chimneys, but over time the flu systems have deteriorated, and the chimneys have suffered from age and weather damage.

Fortunately, the community is once again helping Körner’s Folly raise the much needed funding to complete the chimney repairs.  An anonymous donor and the estate of Kernersville resident Lib Burns have already gifted the Körner’s Folly Foundation a $100,000 matching grant to repair the chimneys and other structural elements.  The Foundation’s goal is to match the gifts with $100,000 for a total sum of $200,000 for continued structural repairs.  The deadline to raise this amount is next April, 2014, when the initial roof work is scheduled to begin.

The Foundation is again reaching out to the Kernersville community to help raise funding.  Without the support of the Kernersville community the initial Challenge would not have been a success, and the Foundation looks forward to building on the momentum and working with the community to restore our beloved landmark.