KERNERSVILLE, NC—Historic Körner’s Folly, 413 S. Main Street, is facing a remarkable challenge. A $150,000 challenge to be exact, and the structural stability of the house is riding on it. As it turns out, the Körner’s Folly Foundation is actually welcoming this particular challenge—in fact, the Foundation is downright thrilled.

An anonymous donor has stepped forward and offered to give the Körner’s Folly Foundation $100,000 towards the restoration of the house. Descendants of the Körner family have also stepped forward and offered a $50,000 donation. That makes a combined total of $150,000 specifically for the structural restoration of the house. But there’s a catch. In order to receive $150,000, the Körner’s Folly Foundation must match the donations, meaning they must raise $150,000. And there’s more: they must raise the matching funds by December 2013.

If the Foundation is successful, they will then have $300,000 to structurally repair Körner’s Folly. The structural repairs will include stabilizing the foundation of the house and replacing the Folly’s iconic roof, both of which can be done for $300,000. Upon completion, these repairs would structurally stabilize Körner’s Folly for at least the next 75‒100 years.
“This is an important moment in the history of Körner’s Folly because we are capable of preserving it for our grandchildren and great-grandchildren,” says Duane Long, president of the Körner’s Folly Foundation Board of Directors. The challenge is certainly a tall order, no doubt about that, but the Foundation is hopeful of community support. Though a short timeframe, the December 2013 deadline ensures that work will begin promptly.

After the roof and foundation repairs are completed, the Foundation could then begin to seek funding to restore the interior of the house. Interior plans would include restoring the damaged and faded murals, woodwork, and interior plaster with the ultimate goal of returning it to a sparkling representation of life in Kernersville in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The leaking roof and possible settling of the foundation have both prevented interior restoration for decades. “We have done what we can throughout the years to patch the roof and stay ahead of water damage. It’s been a costly, uphill battle,” says Chris Thompson, chairman of the Körner’s Folly Foundation Facilities Committee. The committee has worked with many specialists over the years to develop a long-term restoration plan.

The long-term restoration plan is finally being put into action to proactively preserve the house. First, funding was given to restore and repair the front and side porches by the Lawrence E. Pope Foundation and the Town of Kernersville. And now, an anonymous donor and Körner descendents are keeping progress moving forward, so that Körner’s Folly can receive the help it so desperately needs.

Interested in helping Körner’s Folly raise the challenge of $150,000? Every dollar counts; call (336) 996-7922 for more information or click to donate today!