Historic Cedar Mantel


Körner’s Folly is selling solid cedar mantels, from trees that Jule may have actually planted! A cross-section of the tree’s rings indicates trees age to be approximately 120 years old, which means they were likely planted around 1890. The cedar trees were removed two years ago after a terrible storm caused one to fall on the house. Subsequently, the foundation salvaged the wood, creating 12 mantelpieces to benefit restoration. Eastern Red Cedar is known for its beautiful reddish-pink hue and non-deteriorative qualities, and will certainly add rustic charm to any fireplace!

Note: The pieces are not carved. Carving and fitting the wood will be the buyer’s responsibility.

**This item cannot be shipped; it must be picked up in the Körner's Folly gift shop.  You will receive an email upon purchase to arrange pick up.

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